The Hanging Tree

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They arrived at the hanging tree in the blue-gray dusk. Erelle’s stomach was a nest of red ants, biting and churning. The healer’s potion had done nothing. Why had she trusted that charlatan? 

Tibyr was quiet and grim. He looked up at the tree like it was a giant foe sent to crush him. He looked afraid. Erelle had never seen Tibyr afraid.

The healer had said this was the place. “Dig where the souls have departed, where their last effluence stains the ground.” Had he lied about that as well? There was no turning back now. 

So they dug.

This story is an entry into Fiction Friday on The photo above was the prompt, and the story had to be exactly 100 words. Be sure to check out the other entries! Thanks, Jimmie Bise, Jr., for the fun and creepy writing prompt. 

Photo Credit: darkmoon1968 on Pixabay

Tristram Lowe

Tristram Lowe, Los Angeles, CA