by Tristram Lowe

Tristram Lowe's debut novel, HEADLESS, is a supernatural thriller that takes place in Japan. It might be tempting to call it a feel-good thriller, but that would make it sound more happy-go-lucky than it really is. Dark things happen, but ultimately—hopefully—the world’s a better place after all the bodies are counted.

Akio and Masami are journalists at a Tokyo newspaper. Akio is the misunderstood, sometimes clueless, photographer who has maneuvered his way onto an assignment way above his pay grade. Masami is a brilliant and enigmatic writer who is far from pleased to have Akio as her partner.
Together they set off to nearby Kofu to investigate a serial killer who has been chopping off heads. But the investigation takes a supernatural turn, and Akio and Masami find themselves stuck between getting the story and surviving with their own heads still attached.

Published by Mortimer & Ambrose


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Also available on: 24symbols, inktera, Playster, Scribd, and tolino.

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