Headless Bookmarks

We had some bookmarks printed to promote Headless. They look pretty great, I think. All thanks to that amazing mask illustration by Michelle Tolo and the great background textures by my web designer. It's a bit redder than the book cover will be, but I like it a lot.

The first batch of the bookmarks will be handed out at the Brewery Art Walk in Los Angeles this Sunday, 10-23-16, at the studio of Japanese artist CJ Kang and at BookFinger! CJ Kang's art is raw and very thought-provoking. Bookfinger has a ton of awesome, rare and out-of-print books! Check them out!

Headless will be heading off to the proofreader by the end of this week. After which, I will have a much better idea of exactly when it will be available. I'll keep you posted here!

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