Minor Changes

photo by Patrick Pilz

photo by Patrick Pilz

Just a quick note.

A new book interior file for Headless has been uploaded to Amazon today, which means that the paperback will be unavailable for purchase for a bit. Usually this process takes less than a day, so it should be available again quickly. 

No changes to the actual story have been made. Some improved art files have been uploaded (the publisher logo and section dividers), a name in the acknowledgments was corrected, a tiny, unexplained box in the text in Chapter 20 was removed, and a "Thank You For Reading" page has been added, asking readers to consider writing a review. 

We all know how valuable those reviews are. 

That said, if you've enjoyed Headless, I'd very much appreciate you sharing your thoughts by writing a review on whatever site you purchased from. And if you purchased from a physical store or straight from me, I'd be thrilled if you wrote that review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

For those of you who already have...you have my sincere gratitude.