Picking Up the Thread

photo by Igor Ovsyannykov

photo by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm finally getting back to working on the sequel to Headless.

I had finished most of the first draft over a year ago before Headless was published. But then I got submerged in all the "other" regarding having a book published, the stuff that I never fully wanted to do or feel I'm very good at, but still has to be done: marketing, layout, cover art, etc... All important stuff, but my writing time became almost nil because of it, or because of my poor time management skills.  

And there may be some changes to the "other" in the future because I realize I may have made some mistakes as I see the sales of Headless sputter out to nothing despite getting great reviews.

But right now, I'm going to let that stuff go, and focus on what I really love. I'm picking up the thread again and having a blast with Akio and Masami as they tackle their next adventure. I look forward to being able to share it with the world.