Hello, dear and dangerous reader.

Someone has been slicing off heads...

Tristram Lowe's debut novel, HEADLESS, is a supernatural thriller that takes place in Japan. It might be tempting to call it a feel-good thriller, but that would make it sound more happy-go-lucky than it really is. Dark things happen, but ultimately—hopefully—the world’s a better place after all the bodies are counted.



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Also available on: 24symbols, inktera, Playster, Scribd, and tolino.



by Tristram Lowe

A serial killer in Japan is chopping off heads. An unlikely pair of journalists try not to lose theirs.

Being a photographer at a Tokyo newspaper is no walk in the park—unless you're Akio Tsukino and only get assigned to shoot parades and park festivals.

All that changes when a serial killer starts chopping off heads in nearby Kofu. Akio maneuvers his way onto the assignment in order to prove himself and get closer to enigmatic staff writer Masami Sato. When the investigation takes a supernatural turn, the unlikely partners find themselves caught between solving the mystery and saving their own lives.

In this thrilling and imaginative debut by Tristram Lowe, getting the story may cost them their heads.

Published by Mortimer & Ambrose


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