About Tristram

Tristram Lowe writes to contain the monsters, to tell the truth through the fantastical, to unearth lost treasures that he hopes will inspire, enlighten, and, at the very least, entertain.

He has been many things in life. Among them, an artist, a musician, an actor (and a waiter, of course), a delivery driver, and an assistant manager at an audio equipment rental company. He studied Japanese at Portland State University and at the ARC Academy in Shinjuku, Tokyo. He was also a fencing coach for many years, so it’s likely a sword fight or two will show up in his books. Tristram has been crafting fantastical tales since the first grade, when he penciled a spooky story about a haunted house in his Big Chief tablet. Raised in the mountains of Colorado, he spent two or three lifetimes in Los Angeles, and now enjoys hikes through mossy trees and rainy board game nights in Oregon with his wife and kids. 

To pronounce Tristram correctly, simply put these two words together: Tryst (a clandestine meeting between lovers) + Rum (a hearty pirate’s drink). Combined you have TrystRum: a hearty drink to be shared by clandestine pirate lovers. 

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I’m still here

Although only barely some days. If you don’t know, I have been attending PSU, getting my degree finally. I had the opportunity to go back to school so I decided it was now or never. But that coupled with a toddler and a baby at home and it’s really been taking a lot out of…

Website Revamp

I had been hosting most of my site on a different platform and linking to my Journal page here on WordPress. That was decidedly silly, and an epic waste of money. So, now the whole thing is on WordPress. If any of you have been to my website recently, you’ll have noticed that, well, it’s…

Words vs. Time

I wrote 745 words today on book 3 of The Ghost and the Mask. It’s not a lot, but it’s more than my daily goal, which is only 500 these days. It used to be 1000, and I hope to get back up to that, but the time just isn’t in the day right now.…