New Story: The Kanji Test

I haven’t posted anything in two weeks. This bothers me, because I need to be consistent.

I was derailed by doubt and frustration about how I’m going about my book and my blog and almost everything else in my life. I was distracted with arguments about Oxford commas and double spacing after sentences. Cats were vomiting, and peeing where they shouldn’t. So I didn’t post. I shut down.

But I did write a story.

I’ve got this new character that showed up in my latest rewrite. He’s made himself important enough to possibly be weaved into the later part of the book. So I got to thinking about his history. And this story is the result.

I hope you enjoy it.

The Kanji Test

by Tristram Lowe

The teacher handed Yoshio a two-page vocabulary test on the new kanji words they were learning. They were still fairly basic kanji as he was only 6 years old, and in grade two.

He scanned the questions as the teacher moved on. He saw “door,” “summer,” “older brother,” “forest.”


Ms. Ide continued handing out the tests to the rest of the students, talking as she walked down each aisle of desks. Her voice was slow and careful, her enunciation perfect… Continue reading


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