Progress Update 001 – Yoshio and Friends

So… this is maybe a new feature of my blog. I decided I just needed to make a little progress update and get a feel for where I am and how things are going.

I’ve received good feedback about my story, The Kanji Test, which was in last week’s post. My one follower comment so far — Thanks, being! — has suggested that there could be a longer story written about Yoshio. I hadn’t considered it, but I like the idea. My plan is to write some more short stories about his past, giving some insight and background to his character. I’m hoping it will build some interest and be an exciting moment when he actually shows up in the book.

The book is not about Yoshio, though he will be an important character. He wasn’t originally meant to be. In fact, he wasn’t in the first few drafts at all. The idea of him was suggested to me by my brother, as a way to get some information to the protagonists. It worked very well, so well that he will probably become intrinsic to any future stories.

Last week’s short story was just a little peek into his childhood. Not a lot happened, but you get an idea of the talent he has as well as his struggles.

In the meantime, I’ve been editing and writing more on the novel, probably still a novella at this point. It’s on the cusp. But I imagine it will lengthen more as I go. It has been doing so as I tackle each chapter again. It’s been an interesting challenge, getting deeper into my main character’s head. Some things that have materialized have added some nice depth, I think, while others seemed to just add clutter and got the axe immediately.

I’m excited to wrap everything up, especially since this is my first long work of fiction. It has been an extended process of stops and starts, distractions and doubt. I imagine the next one will happen quicker. I imagine… at least. Either way, I’m excited to have this one complete and to be able to share it.

I know I haven’t revealed much about the story. I will eventually. I’m just waiting until I’m closer to being finished. It’s weird promoting a book that doesn’t exist yet. But it’s kind of a serial killer mystery, kind of a Japanese monster movie, kind of a superhero team origin story — minus any real super powers.

Soon, I’ll have some character bios up and some awesome artwork. An artist who has done some work for me in the past is creating some amazing work for my book. There will be some character portraits among other things. I’m very excited to see it and to show it off.

That’s it for today. I’ll get back to specific ideas next week and soon another short story or two. In the meantime, editing, writing, editing, writing…

What are your thoughts?

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