Here, finally, is the ANNOUNCEMENT OF MY DEBUT NOVEL, complete with amazing cover art! The book is called Headless, as you can see, and I can’t express how happy I am with the cover. The artist is Michelle Tolo, and she perfectly captured the look of the demonic somen mask, which is featured in the story.

This novel has been a long time coming and it will be released very soon on Mortimer & Ambrose. I am extremely excited, nervous, terrified, thrilled, and all sorts of other butterfly inducing adjectives.

Headless is the story of Akio and Masami, both journalists at a newspaper in Tokyo. Akio is the misunderstood, sometimes clueless, photographer who has finagled his way onto an assignment that is way above his pay grade. Masami is the brilliant, enigmatic writer who is far from pleased to have Akio as her partner.

Together they set off to nearby Kofu to investigate a serial killer who has been chopping off heads. But the investigation takes a supernatural turn, and Akio and Masami find themselves stuck between getting the story and surviving with their own heads still attached.

If this sounds interesting to you, I’d be thrilled if you signed up for my email list, The Lowe Letter. You’ll be notified of the release date and be entered to win a free copy. Here’s the graphic link:

The Lowe Letter


Hope to see you on the list! And look for updates, backstory, artwork, and other extras here on my journal page as well.


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