Let the Beheadings Commence


You might think this is a post about a new American policy toward immigration, but no…


It will be here very, very soon. Am I nervous? Hell, yes. But extremely excited too.

It’s going to be released on that second most terrible day this year when the world succumbs to their darkest shopping desires. When lines encircle the Walmart two times over, when Elmo dolls are ripped in half by two screaming mothers in war paint and bloodied fingernails, when people skip Thanksgiving completely to line up at BestBuy just to have a chance at a drool-inducing, doorbuster deal on some new mantoy.

It’s also when sensible people lock their doors, order delivery, and hide at home to practice all their good consumer citizen duties online.

Yes…Headless will be released on


November 25th, 2016

Mark your calendars. Cover your neck.

It will be available on your favorite e-reading platform and in paperback. I’ll post details soon about pre-orders. Also, look for more Headless side stories soon on my Extras page.

Plus…if anyone is interested in a review copy, let me know. Send me a message on the Contact page. I’m starting a list.

Until then…

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What are your thoughts?

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