Invisibility Potion

Do you ever feel like someone slipped an invisibility potion into your morning cereal?

I think it’s happened to me this week.

Texts have gone ignored, emails unanswered, phone calls unreturned. Maybe it’s more like an unimportance potion, where anything coming from you just doesn’t feel relevant.

An irrelevancy potion.

Every artist’s deepest fear.

The most disturbing aspect of this phenomena is that I’ve been completely ignored when actually speaking directly to someone well within earshot (like two feet away).

And not in a way where I’ve upset them and they aren’t speaking to me. We’re talking normally and then it’s as if my voice suddenly isn’t registering in their eardrums.

It’s unsettling.

At least my wife and cat are speaking to me. Otherwise, I would be very concerned.


What are your thoughts?

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