I am taking back my mornings

[Photo by Oliver Hihn on Unsplash]

I wake in the morning
IDEAS brimming
BREATH flowing
inspired to
and then I get online
check email
and facebook
the news stabs a knife in my gut
my soul is sucked to a husk
I shut down
folded like a fall leaf
crushed underfoot
ground into pavement
a coarse brown dust
even the GOOD news
derails me
distracts me
dismantles the scaffolding I built in
a sodden blanket
thrown on my FIRE
I need a new routine
to take the day on my terms
to wake and BE
follow my genius
my insight
the rumble and spark
of my SOUL
LIFE will happen regardless
the news will be there
when I have CREATED
when I have LIVED
when I have opened my guts to the MUSE
instead of the internet
the posts will be there
the funny pics
the trolls and twits
the ugly onslaught of
overwhelming existence
the world thrust into my head
into my living room
my heart and my bowels
but on my terms this time
now I choose when
now I choose to unplug
to know the PEACE of SELF
I am taking back my mornings
when the sun rises
and imbues LIFE
I will be PRESENT
I will be there to embrace it

2 responses to “I am taking back my mornings”

  1. Love this! I’ve discovered morning is my best time to be creative too!
    I decided to make that my writing time. I wake up with so many ideas!
    Let’s get them “on paper” before the world tries to snuff them out.

    “LIFE will happen regardless
    the news will be there
    when I have CREATED
    when I have LIVED”

    Great piece, thanks for posting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Yes, good way to put it. The world will snuff them out if we don’t. I am determined to make it my writing time too. No outside poisoning. Wake up and write. It’s so easy to get up and check email, FB, news, etc. You can do it all without even getting out of bed. And it just pollutes the creative stream. It can wait. If it can’t wait, people have my phone number. Let’s get creating.


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