Okay… Here’s an Update

What am I doing?

In my journal here, I’ve started posting Japan-related things that tie-in to my novels, thinking that might interest my readers. But it was nearly crickets on my UFO catcher post last week! Maybe I took a wrong turn.

So this week I’m just going to give a quick update on what’s going on in book-writing land for me.

My picture book, The Wrong Monster is finished but delayed with technical glitches in publishing. Frustrating, but it’s being ironed out.

No Promises Large Enough, the sequel to Headless is being read by beta readers. Story arcs are being tightened, plot lines thickened, katanas sharpened, battles invigorated, and characters fleshed.

A book of short stories related to Headless is growing word by word. I’m really enjoying seeing the lives of these “behind-the-scenes” characters develop. It’s nice to be creating new material as opposed to rewriting already written material. More to come on this soon.

That’s the short of it. I’ll write about something next week too. I imagine.

Have a lovely Tuesday.

What are your thoughts?

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