Wrapping it Up

We’re another episode closer to the finale of Game of Thrones and I’m following up last week’s post about ending a story from a writer’s perspective.

Today, as I’m writing the final pages in my sequel to Headless, I am working to make it a great ending for my readers. There’s nothing better than setting a book down with a satisfied grin after reading a perfect last sentence. And while I don’t claim to have written one myself, I certainly strive for that moment.

I had finished the body of the book months ago and had ended it with what I think is a nice companion to the ending of Headless, but then one of my brilliant beta readers pointed out something else that needed wrapping up.

So I am adding a bit that may be another chapter, or may end up as an epilogue. Either way, I’m very excited to be uncovering a previously unknown sequence of events and bringing a certain character’s story full circle.

Side note: having beta readers is invaluable. As a writer, it’s easy to miss crucial overall elements while you’re focused on writing scene to scene.

Although my books are part of a series, I do try to wrap them up. Unlike most fantasy series (A Song of Ice and Fire, The Belgariad, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, etc), which generally don’t wrap anything up until the very end, requiring you to keep buying books, my The Ghost and the Mask series’ books each have their own story arc.

And while you will get much more out of reading the entire series, you could read one and still get a complete story. For book three, I do plan to end the series, however, so that will be a much bigger deal.

The comparison to fantasy series may seem out of place, because… don’t I write supernatural thrillers?

Well, sort of. Honestly, I consider myself to be a fantasy writer. I just happen to currently be writing about journalists in modern day Japan investigating murders. My epic swords and sorcery books are coming. And will they each have a wrapped-up ending from book to book?

Probably not, I have to admit, but hopefully at least a nice breaking point or full-on cliffhanger before the final denouement. We’ll see what the Muse has in store.

What about your own preferences as a writer or reader? Do you like stories that are tied up nicely or are you okay with a slice of life that may not resolve much of anything? I’m certainly hoping Game of Thrones is the former.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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