No Promises Large Enough Release Date

UPDATE: The release date has been delayed by one week! My apologies. Some last second formatting bugs still need squashing. Look for it on Friday, December 4th!

Just a quick post to let you know that No Promises Large Enough will be available on Black Friday, Nov. 27th, 2020, exactly four years after the release of Headless

No Promises is the sequel to Headless in The Ghost and the Mask series. Here’s a draft of the blurb for the back cover, which I will likely rewrite several times before the book hits the shelves. 

The head-collecting serial killer was only the beginning. Akio and Masami find themselves more than a little changed from the experience. Now the demon hunter who helped them has been kidnapped by the yakuza, and his brainy teenage apprentice has requested their help. Together, they discover that the gangsters are using strange green gems, and even robots, to effect what appears to be a complete yakuza takeover. As the two reporters deal with their own new realities, they must face and defeat who or what is behind this aggressive yakuza syndicate. 

What are your thoughts?

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