No Promises Large Enough Available NOW

The long-awaited sequel to my novel, Headless, is finally here.

The real book is at least twice this thick.

Book two in The Ghost and the Mask series picks up only a couple months after the end of Headless. Akio and Masami are back into their routine at work. Akio is getting terrible headaches, and Masami is treating him even worse than before. She isn’t just ignoring him, she seems to be actively avoiding him. Akio wonders what happened to the bond they built tracking the serial killer, now dubbed the Kofu Head Collector.

A student of the kendo instructor they met in Kofu comes to them with a desperate plea, and Masami’s secret is revealed when she comes to Akio for help. Together the three of them set out on a treacherous and desperate quest, part assignment, part rescue mission, that puts them up against Japan’s most dangerous criminal organization: the yakuza.

A supernatural force is driving one particular yakuza syndicate’s sudden and alarming expansion. What is the secret of their emerald green gems? And where are these robots coming from?

As Akio and Masami struggle with their emerging abilities, they must put together the pieces that lead them to the terrifying source behind it all. And then figure out how to defeat it.


Here are the Amazon links. Check the Books page on my site to find other stores (links will be updated soon).



If you haven’t read Headless yet, and would prefer to start at the beginning, the ebook is only 99 cents right now on all platforms. Get it before the price goes up again. Here’s a master link to pick it up on your favorite e-reader. *If you find a link that is not 99 cents (or euros, or pounds, etc) let me know!

And here’s a link straight to the Kindle version

While I recommend starting with Headless, if you do want to jump straight into No Promises Large Enough, you can. I’ve included enough reminders to at least give you context.

There it is! I should have written this post yesterday, but I have an eight-month-old boy at home. There’s only so much I can do!

I’m excited to have this book out. It was five years in the making, four years since Headless was published. I’m planning to have book three out much sooner!

So if you like Japan, intrepid reporters, awkward photographers, demons, yakuza, ghosts, a little bit of scary, and a little bit of humor, read The Ghost and the Mask series!

What are your thoughts?

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