POV of the Dead

I feel good about today’s work on The Wind on the Blade. I only wrote a little over 500 words, but they were good words. The POV shift that my editor suggested is so spot on. I don’t know what I was thinking before.

The problem is that I had shifted the POV away from the main character of the story to Miyahara, who is heavily featured in this story. If you don’t know who Miyahara is, pick up Headless! So the POV shift I did today was to put it back in the eyes of the main character.

Seems obvious, but when you’re in the middle of the flow, sometimes the story goes off kilter a bit. Anyway, I feel so much better about this. I’m not done with it, but I’ve got a good start and I know where it’s going. I’ll hit it again tomorrow and hopefully wrap this one up.

The cool thing is, too, that I’m not going to lose the big chunk of Miyahara’s story that happens outside of the main character’s experience, because it fits so much better in a later story. This, of course, was another one of my editor’s suggestions. She is amazing.

The scene I was working on today was a post battle, post death scene in which the main character dies, which (spoiler alert) does not mean that his story ends, and which is why I didn’t need to shift the POV away from him. It is a fun scene to write and much more fun to write from his perspective, now that he’s dead.

What are your thoughts?

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