Divergent Sea Bass

I’m surprised (and yet not) to see that September was the last time I wrote anything. Life is swimming past.

We had a little snafu with formatting The Wind on the Blade recently, as I realized that there were two different versions, and the one that was imported into the book hadn’t been updated. I have a somewhat altered version of “The Sea Bass” that I’ve been submitting to festivals and whatnot, and I made the mistake of not mirroring my pertinent changes to the book manuscript.

And, of course, as I read through I made a few more changes.

So, that’s what I’ve been working on this week, going line by line through the story and comparing it with the festival version. Done now. And back to formatting. There are still differences between the two, because the festival version isn’t tied to The Ghost and the Mask series. It is meant to stand on its own, and it doesn’t have as gruesome an end to it as the book version.

What are your thoughts?

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