What Do You Expect?

I’m working on what I hope is at least the next to last draft of my first full-length novel. If I’m really lucky, this will be the last draft.

What should you expect from this blog then? Probably not a lot about the craft of writing. There are so very many blogs dedicated to that and they do a very good job.

No, I plan to talk about my book. This blog is for readers.

I would call it a monster mystery book. Maybe a modern fantasy detective story.

Even though it’s not about detectives.

This book-to-be was supposed to be a short story. It got a little out of hand. The first draft ended up being around 20,000 words. Too long for a short story. Too short for a novel.

Thanks to a couple of early readers, I realized there was a lot more of this story to tell. So rather than cut it back, I expanded it.

Things happened, mostly out of my control. New characters asserted themselves. Old characters changed their M.O.’s. Information was uncovered that I had not previously been privy to.

This story, which was supposed to be done after a couple days of writing, turned into a beast. It took over. It yowled, “No, I’m much more important that you realized. You will write me. You will put words upon words like so many layers of flesh on Frankenstein’s monster. You will create me. You will understand me.”

So, I try.

In this blog of mine, I plan to talk about this story, its people, its places. I plan to show you the world that it is as best as I can.

In between these enlightening posts, I will write. I will feed the beast and one day bring it to you snarling, but hopefully satiated.

We’ll unravel the mystery. We’ll face our demons. We’ll hopefully come out of it with our heads still on our shoulders.

So… what do you expect?

Clues litter this post, some to guide you, some to possibly confuse you. Let me know what you think this story might be about in the comments below.

What are your thoughts?

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