Tell Me Your Dreams

In honor of Lucid Dreaming Day this past Sunday, I feel I should mention the inspiration for this novel that I’m bludgeoning into submission.

The idea actually came from someone else’s dream.

I always feel that when I tell people my dreams, they don’t really care or they think I’m weird. But I like hearing other people’s dreams. Dreams are fascinating. They are journeys to worlds unknown.

I actually used to lucid dream quite a lot when I was a teenager. I’ve gotten out of practice though and haven’t done it in years. I’d like to make that happen again. I had such fun dreaming in those days. It was an inspiring time. Now, it’s just the normal, nonsensical, fleeting imagery that remains when I wake up. If I remember my dreams at all.

But this story was not from a lucid dream, just a regular one my friend had. But it was a vivid one and fairly gruesome. So, I thought, “Ooh, that’ll make a good short story.”

The story turned out to be much too long for a short. It fit more within the novella range. And now it’s becoming a novel.

After the first draft was done, I let my dreamer friend read it. She said something along the lines of, “That’s not really what I dreamt.” She seemed kind of disappointed.

Oh well. I took her dream, mangled it and made it my own.

But it all worked out. I still got a good idea out of it. And soon enough, I’ll be getting into more of what this dream story is actually about. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, please tell me your dreams in the comments! I’m all ears. Maybe it will inspire the next novel.

What are your thoughts?

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