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So far, my KDP Select experience for Headless has not been great.

In fact, it hasn’t even been good.

I did a Kindle Countdown Deal in the US, along with a some Facebook and Instagram advertising, and made three sales.


And I’m pretty certain those sales were from people I actually talked to in person.

But I’m locked into Select for nearly another month, so I’m trying again. This time in the UK.

I misunderstood an important thing signing up for KDP Select. I thought I would be able to push out deals one after another while enrolled.

This is not true.

You get ONE.

You can either do a Kindle Countdown Deal or a Free Book Promotion.

Then it sits there for the rest of the three month period.

I opted with the Kindle Countdown Deal on the wisdom that since I have no other books published yet, it would be mostly pointless to give away free ones. Since there would be nothing for readers to follow up with and actually buy.

I was disappointed that I only got the one deal and then I’m just stuck for the rest of the term.

But I’ve just discovered that I am able to do another Countdown Deal in the UK. So I just set that up to start on May 6th and go through May13th. This time it will just be £0.99 the entire time and not a tiered schedule of slowly raising the price back to full like I did with the US one.

I am not yet sure if I’ll advertise, since it did squat last time.

My Select term ends on May 29th, at which point I will be putting Headless back on the other platforms, and trying to promote those more. At that point, I’ll post about how my entire KDP experience went.

In the meantime…

Wotcha, cocker. Fancy a book?

One response to “KDP UK”

  1. Bummer. But what an opportunity to immerse yourself in the school of self-publishing! 🤕 Still, I think you’re on the right track. We gotta dance the chorus (and sometimes run the lights for free) before we get the lead.


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