Headless Deal on Kindle UK

Today Headless goes on sale on Amazon UK for the Kindle ebook at only £0.99.

If you are in the land of knights and chivalry, crumpets and clotted cream, haggis and bagpipes, please know that I wish I was too, and pick up a copy of Headless!

I love the British Isles. It’s where my wife and I went for our honeymoon. I fell in love with Scotland in particular and dream of spending summers on the Isle of Skye writing (or anywhere in Scotland really).

So if you’re a kilted fan of the supernatural (Outlander, anyone?) with a little serial killer mystery thrown in, and perhaps a Japanophile to boot, Headless will be the marmite on your toast.

And not to discount the rest of the UK. I’ve had pints in every part of the UK and Ireland too. The British Isles are a beautiful area of the world and close to my heart. After all, I’m named after a Cornish knight. My family on my father’s side hails from that breathtaking land of King Arthur. I have fond memories of sitting among the ruins of Tintagel above Merlin’s Cave, on the ragged edge of the Atlantic, the wind threatening to tumble me over the cliffs, imagining what may have happened on that coast so many centuries ago.

I would rather be there most any day than here in the heat, smog and dust of the desert of the angels.

So if you’re stuck in the US like me, you can pick up a copy here. But if you (or anyone else in the world) have friends across the pond, please spread the word! Headless could use some UK love.

The sale runs from May 6th to May 13th. 

2 responses to “Headless Deal on Kindle UK”

    • Thank you! Sadly, we did not make it into Yorkshire on our honeymoon. But I’ve heard it is a beautiful area too. I have friends from there, but have never had the pleasure of visiting. I hope you enjoy Headless!


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