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Just a quick update today.

I have added a Now page to my site. This is a simple page where I can put what I’m working on and thinking about right now. It also has my current reading list.

The idea is Derek Siver‘s and he has a site dedicated to it called

There is a simple beauty in just looking at what’s going on right now and not fussing so much about the future or the past. It’s a form of mindfulness, I suppose.

I think it’s a great practice to assess where you are, physically, mentally, spiritually, career-wise, and all. And accept it. Just be in that place. Too often we are so obsessed with where we want to be that we forget to enjoy the now. Before you know it, years and decades have gone by, and you’ve kind of missed it because you were always wishing your life was different somehow.

I don’t go into all of that on my Now page. It would be much too long to write out. And although it would likely be a beneficial exercise, I’ll probably keep that personal. But the page has the main bullet points of what I’m working on, if you’re interested.

So check it out, and let me know what you think. Maybe start your own.



One response to “Now”

  1. […] My profile was posted on Derek Sivers‘, which is fun and has a little questionnaire I had to answer. It links back to my own Now page, which I started this month (and journaled about here). […]


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