The Wrong Monster Reviewed (and on sale!)

My first kids’ picture book, The Wrong Monster, wonderfully illustrated by Jiyoon Shin, was released on June 30th and has already gotten many great reviews.  Thank you to everyone who has reviewed it. I am very grateful for your overwhelmingly positive feedback. After all the work and love that’s gone into it, it’s so nice to see that people are enjoying the book. Here are some quotes:

“… carries you gently to the conclusion, where you’ll find sleepy eyes and happy dreams. This wonderful book is going to be a regular part of our nighttime ritual.”

with simple and adorable illustrations, this story gently tells the tale of how facing your fears can be a lot less scary than you expect!”

I’d definitely recommend to try it out for any kid currently going through a monster-in-the-closet or under-the-bed phase.

“Not what I expected from a Monster in the closet book. Thoroughly enjoyed the different take on the subject!

Charming, uplifting story that takes the fright out of the monster in the closet. Beautifully illustrated.

Through 7/10/19, The Wrong Monster is on sale on the Kindle for only 99 cents!

HARDCOVER FANS… beware that there are unscrupulous sellers on Amazon selling the book for much more than the listed price. Look for the one that is $19.99 and actually sold by Amazon. Ignore the crooks! And thanks!

What are your thoughts?

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