The Headless Victims

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Quick update! The sequel to Headless, No Promises Large Enough is in the final stages. Really! And I have started on the third book of The Ghost and the Mask series, as well as this…

The victims of the serial killer who is now known as the Kofu Head Collector* will get their day.

The Headless-related short stories I’ve been working on are a bit of a gruesome chore. That said, of course I’m enjoying writing them. Although there are definitely points that have me rather upset. Yet what am I but the chronicler? I only write what happened, right? It often does feel that way.

There are currently five stories planned. They will detail the lives of five victims before their unfortunate run-in with the killer. They include:

  • Aimi Matsuoka, the innkeeper’s wife
  • The homeless man in Maizuru Castle Park
  • Eichi Himura, the lonely salaryman and maid cafe patron
  • Katsu Fukui, Sayaka Inawa’s boyfriend
  • One mystery victim

And the best thing is… the ebook version will be FREE to all of my email subscribers.

I’ll keep you posted on the release date.

*This is established in No Promises Large Enough, the as yet unreleased sequel to Headless.

SPOILER ALERT BELOW (from the first chapter of Headless)




Though Sayaka Inawa is one of the victims, her story is well established in Headless, so she won’t be one of the short stories. Each of the others will get their own moment.

What are your thoughts?

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