An Update & Some Free Books

Hello again. It’s been a long time, always longer than it feels. When I look at the date of my last post it’s kind of shocking. April 21st this time. Over three months.

Oh, Time, how you deceive me.

I’m going to give more regular updates on my writing progress and maybe life things here, opinions even if I get bold. No, really. Hold me to it.

So here’s an update.

I’ve been working on the companion book of short stories for The Ghost and the Mask series, The Wind on the Blade, rewriting after my editor’s brilliant notes. I’ve knocked out the first three and am working on the one about a victim barely mentioned in Headless. All the stories are about the victims in book 1, except for one.

This one is giving me the most trouble because I’m rearranging the entire structure of it, and the deeper I go the less certain I am it will work. So there’s a chance I’ll have to fight my editor on this. But for now, I’m going for it.

This story gives a lot of fun info on Miyahara’s past, which will all tie in with book 3. I’m excited for you to read it.

After that comes Katsu’s story, which is pretty solid and shouldn’t need too much work. Then the last one needs expanding, or perhaps something else. An ingredient is missing. I’ll sort it out.

Today, I wrote about a deer, not a live one, but one that had been hit by truck on the road to Mount Fuji. It is a ghost deer. It has a story to share. But I haven’t yet been able to coax the story out of it.

Try again tomorrow.

For now, here’s some free books for you. Click the banner below.

What are your thoughts?

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