Words in the Snow

I wrote about 900 words today and rewrote about 600. I also deleted probably 300. Of the newly written ones, 250 were on a new story that I woke up with in my head. It’s a piece of an epic fantasy that I started ages ago and then put aside so I could write the “short story” Headless — that didn’t quite turn out how I’d planned.

But I had to get the idea down, so I did.

Then it was all The Wind on the Blade. I’m still on the bonus victim story. It’s far more complex than I intended it to be, but it turns out this character was quite important to Miyahara, and with the way their lives intertwine, it needs the attention. I’m getting close though. A few more days like today and it should be wrapped up.

I’ve also realized that this book of short stories actually has three novelettes in it. So, hey, more bang for your buck.

Today’s writing involved a certain character walking through a snow-covered Aokigahara Forest, aka suicide forest. I’ll let you guess who.

The page is a snow field

My words, the path through it

Tristram Lowe

What are your thoughts?

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