Website Revamp

If any of you have been to my website recently, you’ll have noticed that, well, it’s not there.

Or rather, it wasn’t.

I had been hosting most of my site on a different platform and linking to my Journal page here on WordPress. That was decidedly silly, and an epic waste of money. So, now the whole thing is on WordPress.

I am not a web designer.

But I figured it out.

It is just taking some time while I bash buttons and cross fingers and pull out gobs of hair and hurl insults at the computer when something that seems so simple inexplicably does not want to work. Thankfully, the WordPress folks have been extremely helpful.

And it’s all coming together.

Still have a few bits to work out and pages to add. But yeah, here it is. Click on my name above left to see what’s been brewed up so far.

What are your thoughts?

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